Lizzy’s quilt 2

How about this quilt…. same block, but I have used  Kaffe Fasset fabric rather than the vintage florals and turned the blocks.It’s sure interesting.

Lizzy’s Quilt

   Following on from the last post I have designed quite a few quilts using the design from the original quilt.    I’ve decided to call the quilt Lizzy’s quilt, I don’t know the original makers name, but I can imagine.You could piece the blocks, but I have decided to appliqué my blocks. However, I…

quilts and storms

This is my constant companion, Ralf. A storm raged last night and Ralf and I snuggled under my favorite quilt and watched TV.Some 80 years ago, a lady made this quilt.She collected feed sacks and patiently hand pieced a large utilitarian quilt.The colors are vintage. Brown, tan, blue, mint green and 20’s pink. The batting…

Anyone for a cruise.

I worked on this cruise earlier this year. It was just wonderful. We had 80 people in class and had a ball. We taught for 3 days when we were at sea and the rest of the time we toured.Some of the places we visited were, Haiti, The Bahamas, Mexico, Cayman Islands. Kaye and I…

Christmas Roses, Paris Hilton and the dentist

This is a photo of the dropped petals of my Christmas roses. Don’t you wish you could keep the petals without them withering? I bought them out to the shed to photograph them because the colour is just delicious and just happened to put them on my daily folder. Voila! another vase of flowers. Just…

My companions

This is a photo from just outside my window. 10 white doves, who think I’m their Mother

Christmas is over.

Is it really only 3 days since Christmas Day? Recovering from Christmas Day, I’ve had the luxury of working in the ‘shed’ for the past few days. I’m doing 3 things at once. Quilting on my new Janome 6600P which was delivered on Wednesday. I’m also working on a rather large portrait project and taking…

The book arrived

This is an odd post because I changed my blog. However, I’ve submitted it again, because I didn’t publish the blog. December 22, 2006 A nice aurprise. Monday began like ay other day.
I was going to film all day with Di Mill. We had the Studio set and just about to begin the first session……..

Plans change

The best laid plans Each morning, I come out to the shed and open up the computer. “What do I have to do today”. It’s all in the calendar. Each notation in a different color and to do’s on the attachment at the side. It’s a great feeling to tick them off.
Well, yesterday was to…