Month: December 2006

Lizzy’s Quilt

   Following on from the last post I have designed quite a few quilts using the design from the original quilt.    I’ve decided to call the quilt Lizzy’s quilt, I don’t know the original makers name, but I can imagine.You could piece the blocks, but I have decided to appliqué my blocks. However, I will include instructions for both methods.          

quilts and storms

This is my constant companion, Ralf. A storm raged last night and Ralf and I snuggled under my favorite quilt and watched TV.Some 80 years ago, a lady made this quilt.She collected feed sacks and patiently hand pieced a large utilitarian quilt.The colors are vintage. Brown, tan, blue, mint green and 20’s pink. The batting is thin cotton and the back it the same coarse brown homespun that she used in the construction of the blocks. Where did she get the pattern from? I can’t find it in any of my old pattern books. I can’t find a name for it, and I think it is probably a version of drunkards path.Was she sitting in her kitchen by the fire in a small town of Minnesota. Was it snowing when she began the quilt. Did she continue it through the green of spring and the heat haze of a summer day by the lake.I believe she was in her 60’s + because the quilt had never been used when I purchased it in an antique …

Anyone for a cruise.

I worked on this cruise earlier this year. It was just wonderful. We had 80 people in class and had a ball. We taught for 3 days when we were at sea and the rest of the time we toured.Some of the places we visited were, Haiti, The Bahamas, Mexico, Cayman Islands. Kaye and I will keep you entertained in many ways.!!!!!We wined and dined, we exercised and ate the most delicious food. Many of the participants signed up for the next cruise so I guess it was a huge success. Jim West of Sew Many Places organizes some wonderful tours, check them out. We were actually going to do a cruise just before this one, from Australia to New Zealand. However, the cruise company is booked out. So I hope it will be the following year.

Christmas Roses, Paris Hilton and the dentist

This is a photo of the dropped petals of my Christmas roses. Don’t you wish you could keep the petals without them withering? I bought them out to the shed to photograph them because the colour is just delicious and just happened to put them on my daily folder. Voila! another vase of flowers. Just returned from the dentist. I detest going to the dentist and I’m not ashamed to say that I only go in emergencies…. There is something just not right about two people with lights ablaze holding undistinguishable metal instruments peering into your open mouth and doing things. How come I had to go to the dentist and spol Christmas…? I bit into one of those soft round chocolates that fill your mouth like a gobstopper. Crunch, out came the filling just to spoil my enjoyment. Hence the visit to the Dentist. I’ve been meaning to do the Paris Hilton teeth whitening thing for a while, so back I go for a touch up in a few weeks. It’s taken 4 hours …

Christmas is over.

Is it really only 3 days since Christmas Day? Recovering from Christmas Day, I’ve had the luxury of working in the ‘shed’ for the past few days. I’m doing 3 things at once. Quilting on my new Janome 6600P which was delivered on Wednesday. I’m also working on a rather large portrait project and taking footage of the project at the same time. I began filming yesterday, and this huge machine decided to do the annual street sweep. So I did a little quilting. I resumed again and then the phone rang (Make a note Pam, turn the phone off when filming) The photo below is part of one of the buildings that go to make the background of the portraits. It’s been appliqued and Drappliqued and will be placed on the quilt when I’ve finished the lower part of the house. Do you all feel guilty like me, finishing off the left over Christmas food.? I managed to give away a Pavlova, all the brandy custard and cream and a Christmas pudding. Son Benny …

The book arrived

This is an odd post because I changed my blog. However, I’ve submitted it again, because I didn’t publish the blog. December 22, 2006 A nice aurprise. Monday began like ay other day.
I was going to film all day with Di Mill. We had the Studio set and just about to begin the first session….. A crunch on the drive allerted us to a delivery Van. Could this be the delivery I was waiting for?
I casually questioned the driver not daring to hope it was my book. "USA, I think" he said…..
Yes, this is it. I’ve been waiting for 2 1/2 Years to see my completed bnook and finally it was here.
Oh my goodness, the box even has may name printed on it as "Author"
We scrabbled for the scissors and finally there it was, in all it’s glory. My Book. 1776, Heartache, Heritage and Happiness.
OK, I’m waxing lyrical, but what the heck…. I’m pretty darned choofed. Sons Jamie, 36 and Matthew 34, were heard to express "pretty classy " when they went through it  at …

Plans change

The best laid plans Each morning, I come out to the shed and open up the computer. “What do I have to do today”. It’s all in the calendar. Each notation in a different color and to do’s on the attachment at the side. It’s a great feeling to tick them off.
Well, yesterday was to be a day to prepare my 2006 diary for printing. 
The best laid plans of mice and men….. My printer is having a hissy fit and despite working on it for an hour or so I’m not going to get the results I demand. I decided to sort out the years traveling stuff.

 As I travel I save things, bizarre things, like……. hotel key tags, boarding passes, tickets to events, cards from students and friends and even police reports….. yes, I have two. One when I talked the cop out of a speeding fine by showing him my quilts (is that called perverting the course of justice)? The other from South Africa when I got mugged.
It all goes in the …