Christmas Roses, Paris Hilton and the dentist


This is a photo of the dropped petals of my Christmas roses. Don’t you wish you could keep the petals without them withering?
I bought them out to the shed to photograph them because the colour is just delicious and just happened to put them on my daily folder. Voila! another vase of flowers.

Just returned from the dentist.
I detest going to the dentist and I’m not ashamed to say that I only go in emergencies…. There is something just not right about two people with lights ablaze holding undistinguishable metal instruments peering into your open mouth and doing things.

How come I had to go to the dentist and spol Christmas…? I bit into one of those soft round chocolates that fill your mouth like a gobstopper. Crunch, out came the filling just to spoil my enjoyment.
Hence the visit to the Dentist. I’ve been meaning to do the Paris Hilton teeth whitening thing for a while, so back I go for a touch up in a few weeks.
It’s taken 4 hours for the anaesthetic to wear off… I couldn’t talk properly for hours!

I’ve also been to the Adelaide Central Market for the weekly curry tasting. Daughter Rachael bought me a new trolley for Christmas. It’s bright red patent leather with a silver chain and the letter A dangling on the clasp. Does that mean Audacious, Adored, Angel?
Everyone of my children, said “Oh Mum, that just looks like you” so now I definitely have to have the teeth whitened to match.
While we were eating I saw something incredible. A young Asian man, who looked like a student, sat down just by us and devoured the remnants of our neighbours dinner. He moved from table to table doing the same…. I was surprised to say the least.
Next an Indian lady who wanted to read my palm accosted me. “I will tell you your fortune, I know your future. I know how many children you will have…” Well honey, I’m coming up to the 40th wedding anniversary, I’m over all that sort of stuff”
She conned a few people and they handed over $20 for five minutes of hearing what they wanted to hear.
Reckon I could do that really.
Now I can get back to work and concentrate on the project rather than the dentist.

I just had an idea. I think we would do wonders for quilting if we taught Paris Hilton to quilt. Imagine what that would do for the image of quilting!!!

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