Month: January 2007

Antique Quilt

I marvel at antique fabrics. I wonder who made this quilt.? I just love touching it and studying the fabric. It was made in the late 1800’s I believe and is the base for my quilt. I have hand sewn a sleeve on it today and enjoyed sharing a few hours with the original maker, even if it is just in spirit.


Wednesday is family dinner night. The local restaurant has curry for $12…. and it’s real, not pretend stuff. We’re given our own room and it’s always rather noisy.When it gets too loud I try to become anonymous. Well, with our family that’s always been difficult. With a multiracial family we were always on show…..people either thought that I traveled a lot or had a number of interesting partners…!!!!In America recently I had my daughter Callie who was born in Sri Lanka and her son with me. A girl came up and said to Cal….. "Your so beautiful, what mixture are you"?       …… sounded as if she was she was formed from a cake mix…. "Oh, Australian/Sri Lankan" says Cal…. I looked at her sideways and silently rolled my eyes !!!!We burst into giggles, however, it was a cute comment.I could have told the gal the truth….. but she wouldn’t believe  me, "Oh,we found her on a train line as a newborn" !!!Tonight it was, "oh you’re the lady in the paper today. How …

Different Angle

I took the photo on the floor rather than the wall, so Mr’s head is a little distorted in this picture…. but in reality it’s  perfect. I bought most of the fabrics in the USA. however, many have been changed to fit the quilt. particularly his denim pants. I began with a plain blue cotton…I tea dyed it and then discharge dyed with bleach in the pattern. The pants are not heavily quilted to give the effect of a garment. His Jacket is heavily quilted and illustrated over the black. Her dress fabric is fun…. I illustrated the pattern and then quilted it. The rick rack is cut from a piece of cream fabric….. The house at the back of the quilt is drappliqued and appliqued… I purchased some super fabric in the States. I used it for the faces and the background appliques. The faces are appliquéd and quilted only on one side to give a dramatic effect. The illustration is the back of the quilt…. of course it is reversed because I’ve followed …

A quilt for Della

It’s Tuesday afternoon. The weather is warm out here in the shed. I’ve turned off the air conditioner , it’s too noisy when I try to listen to music. I’m listening to music to put to my presentation on Thursday night…..The family have been here all day and it’s rather difficult to get my work done… but family is important and of course I have the best kids and grandkids in the world.!!!!!! So… I’ve finished the quilt.Let me tell you about it.When I was 11, I was sent to Tasmania to spend time with my Grandparents. I didn’t know them very well. They were authoritarian and there was certainly no freedom or humor in the house. The were Plymouth Brethren. (my family were Exclusive Brethren) Austere and rather lacking in the ways of an 11 year old girl. However, I loved listening to Nana’s stories about her early life, she talked about her brothers and sisters, many who became famous artisans, and I remember her singing hymns in her crystal voice as she played …

Studios and Sheds

I’m lucky to have two studios, one is the ‘shed’ full of quilting paraphernalia and the otheris this one called the "summer house’ where I design, do my drawings and house my library of reference books. It’s great to work there in the  early morning and gets very warm in the late afternoon so it’s wonderful in winter. It looks out onto the garden and the ‘shed’ However, the S&B gals met in the ‘shed’ today so very little work was achieved. I think we have been meeting for about 12-13 years. 10 women of varying ages. My idea today was to interview some of them on camera, but we were so busy chatting and laughing that I forgot.!!! We’ve shared trips overseas together, retreats, hard times and good times. Our children have grown up and we’ve seen some of them have children. Just a few of the offspring quilt, but we’re still hopeful.What is it about quilting that creates such a bond amongst women (and sometimes men) Sadly I miss a lot of the …


Back to the ‘shed’ for another day of quilting. Project is almost finished. (well another couple of days work.)I’m using a fine 50 weight cotton. For this quilt I wanted a mat thread. A thin rayon or polyester would be too shiny for the genre of the picture. I’m using a 60 weight ‘sharp’ needle. I have experimented with a low loft, soft 100% cotton batting and a thin muslin (calico) back. In some areas of the quilt I needed a sculptured effect and the soft batting has worked out perfectly. By soft, I mean a batting that is very pliable rather than a tighter blend of cotton.Each quilt has different characteristics.I know I can make or break a quilt, just by the backing I use. Let me explain.I have had folk in class use a sheet or something they had in the scrap pile for a back…..! First sheeting generally has some polyester in the weave, and the backing is then different to the timber of the cotton used on the quilt top.It is …

New Ideas

Our world is changing rapidly.If you’re a quilter and attend class you will find that most Tutors have moved into the high tech age. Computers, cameras digital projectors.Jodi Davis will show you the latest in quilting accessories, a quilting Cuckoo clock !!!!She’s done a great job to put the information on the web.More and more classes will be offered online. You may have to pay for some, others will be free.However, it’s a great resource and I for one am very excited at the prospect.

It’s finally raining

It’s finally raining. I love taking photos on rainy days, everything glistens, the greens are greener, the colours more vibrant. This rose is just outside my studio, by this afternoon it was spoiled. I think there’s a moral there, take advantage of the moment.