working hard

Dsc01934_1With temps in the 100’s I’ve been locked in the ‘shed’ working hard on a new project.
For those of you in Melbourne in 5 weeks or so, you’ll get to share its unveiling…
The shed is actually air conditioned, I crank up the music and get lost in creating for 16 hours a day….
Heaven. So different to life on the road.
However, I find myself taking notice of the planes aloft. Well I’m off to Sydney for a few days, maybe that will satisfy the wander lust.Dsc01926

Have you gathered I love vintage…. this is a small corner of my summer house. Sounds quite grand doesn’t it. It’s actually where I have all my quilting resource books, a comfy settee, and it can be converted to a flat for visitors….it’s got all my treasures and I can sit in silence and work…
The embroidery was given o me by a friend at Guild who knew I love old embroideries… she came to Guild with a big bag of goodies and a smile one evening… I was so excited. The old books are my Grandfathers diaries and the book with the wooden cover, a treasured cook book of my Aunts from the 40’s.
The desk was left by one of my sons, so I claimed it.

We have three teenage doves. This was this little girls first flight outside the aviary.

I’ve been photographing my doves for years… For a Dove Quilt of course.

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