I’m a quilter and I create fabric pictures.

Where does creativity come from?

There are many definitions of creativity, Macquarie Dictionary states
Create: to evolve from ones thought or imagination to make by investing with new character of functions.

"Being creative is seeing the same thing as everybody else but thinking of something different."

All my teaching career has been involved in assisting students to be creative.
"How do we do that, what can I do to increase my creativity? " they ask.

First you need to give yourself permission to do things more creatively. Music is my trigger,
classical for thought, Country for fun,fast work.

Colours, combine colors that you see daily.

Look at the colors in this picture.  My heart beat 10 times faster when I saw this combination in Disneyland in November. The delft blue of the window and stool looks just wonderful against the green and blue wall and the terracotta wall. Sure Disneyland designers are marvels at presenting visual masterpieces that are pleasing to the eye. But there they are for us all to enjoy and use in some creative way. You could take each of those colors and use them in creating a quilt.

Looking at this photo in a different way is giving yourself permission to be creative.

Some  students find it hard to overcome personal blocks to creativity. Some use a great deal of energy trying not to be embarrassed
by their own ideas. For others it is a matter of being aware that things can be used in many different ways.
Fewer inhibitions gives confidence to the creative person.
It’s a gut feeling, for me it’s as comfortable as an old pair of shoes. I look at things in different ways, I never get bored or tired of even the most mundane of things because I’m constantly changing things to suit my ideas.

I was talking about that subject today with some of the the S&B girls. When I’m in the middle of a project (like now) I’m often away from my physical being be creating in my head. I imagine it is a little disconcerting for my companions at times

One of my dearest friends is of advanced age in her self, but her mind will be forever young due to her creativity, be it physical or in her mind.

I want to grow up just like her.!!

Yesterday I touched on journaling. Well, that’s part of being creative. Keep a daily journal of your thoughts, ideas and sketches. You don’t have to be a Picasso or an Author, Just jot, you’ll be surprised at what begins to evolve.  We all drew when we were children with little or no inhibitions.!!!

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