A special moment.

She’s probably lived on the streets for years.
Her age is undefinable, but her eyes are bright and she’s passionate about the cheap wool she’s using to make her purple leg warmers for next winter.
It’s summer in Hyde Park  Sydney.


Gay and I were taking a stroll and we looked up to see this woman sitting on the grass framed by a big old green bush. In spite of the heat she had a black hooded jacket on and a thick woolen skirt that one could only say was a cross between red and orange. She was surrounded by bright purple. We were some distance away and it seemed to us that she was pulling a sweater apart. Our interest in her being was interrupted by continuing our walk.
The next day we happened to see her again, sitting on the park bench. I just had to chat to her.
She had her lunch neatly by her side and  had settled in for a day of knitting. "The wool is so expensive" she said. "$2.95 a ball now"
Bless her.
Her thick woolen skirt was hand sewn and the pocket sat askew on her knee. Her bright red slippers were held neatly with purple wool. I think she was quite pleased we stopped for a chat.
"I make my scarves really long" she states as her hands continue with her knitting. "I don’t loose them as much when they are long" !!! well I guess that makes sense.
She told us that she knits in summer and sells sets in winter and gives away a smll gift with each set.
love her.
She has a passion equal to mine. She’ll always be happy.
I’ll never forget the purple lady.


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