Free books.!!!!!

I received a copy of Australian Quilters Companion today with a nice surprise. They are giving away 10 free copies of my book. !!!!!   
There is also my article on my South African Tour. however if you wish to read more about the trip go to  complete craft website.


The days seem to be getting shorter as I’m preparing classes for the coming year. Teaching and lecturing have begun.

I’m putting the finishing touches to my quilt.

I’m using the Janome 6600. It is amazing for quilting with a built in dual feed quilting foot technically called "acufeed". No more need for a bulky walking foot. The technology has been transferred from their industrial machines. The foot I’m using is wide (about 1") and is open toed, it has worked beautifully because I’m appliquéing and quilting at the same time. The quilt is large and I’m able to get it under the machine quite well without to much maneuvering.


I’m impressed.

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