Back to the ‘shed’ for another day of quilting. Project is almost finished. (well another couple of days work.)
I’m using a fine 50 weight cotton. For this quilt I wanted a mat thread. A thin rayon or polyester would be too shiny for the genre of the picture.
I’m using a 60 weight ‘sharp’ needle. I have experimented with a low loft, soft 100% cotton batting and a thin muslin (calico) back. In some areas of the quilt I needed a sculptured effect and the soft batting has worked out perfectly. By soft, I mean a batting that is very pliable rather than a tighter blend of cotton.
Each quilt has different characteristics.
I know I can make or break a quilt, just by the backing I use. Let me explain.
I have had folk in class use a sheet or something they had in the scrap pile for a back…..! First sheeting generally has some polyester in the weave, and the backing is then different to the timber of the cotton used on the quilt top.
It is often difficult to quilt.
A general rule is to use the same fabric on the back as you have used on the front… Most times, I piece the back from the left over fabric from the project.
The back of the quilt looks good, matches the quilt top and is the same weave as the fabric you have on the front of the quilt. It will move the same.
I know that the threads I use can change the overall  impression of the quilt.
Sometimes, I use Hollis Châtelaine’s "living colours"  They are just wonderful for landscapes and some portraits. You all know her wonderful portrait quilts. They just glow, her threads are tri lobal and reflect the light.
For formal appliqué, and by that I mean a fine satin stitch, I prefer to use a silk or a fine polyester thread. After years of machine appliqué, I find those threads work best for me.
I always balance my threads. I use the same weight in the bobbin as the top appliqué or quilting thread.
In this quilt I have used some techniques I’ve never used before, Thread dying, discharge dying and maybe I’m going to use a little trapunto…. not too sure yet.


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  1. Di says:

    Pam, the quilting looks gorgeous. Can’t wait to see it all finished.

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