Studios and Sheds

Dsc02318I’m lucky to have two studios, one is the ‘shed’ full of quilting paraphernalia and the other
is this one called the "summer house’ where I design, do my drawings and house my library of reference books. It’s great to work there in the  early morning and gets very warm in the late afternoon so it’s wonderful in winter. It looks out onto the garden and the ‘shed’


However, the S&B gals met in the ‘shed’ today so very little work was achieved.
I think we have been meeting for about 12-13 years. 10 women of varying ages. My idea today was to interview some of them on camera, but we were so busy chatting and laughing that I forgot.!!!

We’ve shared trips overseas together, retreats, hard times and good times. Our children have grown up and we’ve seen some of them have children. Just a few of the offspring quilt, but we’re still hopeful.
What is it about quilting that creates such a bond amongst women (and sometimes men) Sadly I miss a lot of the S&B get togethers,  I just have a couple I can attend during the year now. But the genuine friendship is alway there.


How many of you are in groups,? how long have you been involved with a group? How do they come about.
A friend of mine mentioned one day that it would be interesting to do a PHD on the structure and advantages of being involved with such a group. He observed a group I was working with over a few hours. 15 women designed a quilt, worked out intricate mathematical  computations, organized it’s creation which included purchasing fabric for the project, sewing the quilt and purpose of the quilt.
It went on to earn some 1000’s of dollars for children to attend school in Vietnam…… Simple…. all done by a few ladies in a group.

I’ve been involved with voluntary agencies, school, kindy and church groups…. but nothing holds a candle to a group of ladies sharing their love of quilting.

The photo above is my constant companion ‘Ralf’ sitting in the doorway of the ‘shed’ guarding his domain.

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  1. Di says:

    The summer house is looking gorgeous Pammy. Much more intimate and cozy than the shed – a great place to design. Not to take anything away from the shed….love the shed!

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