Month: February 2007

Ahhh the difficulty.

Sitting in Mc Donalds at 6.00 pm in the evening.There is a gaggle of girls walking passed me in the most amazing outfits…. it was the Launceston cup today….(a local horse race) and it seems the young people have got into the spirit. There’s the little green number, figure hugging and minuscule which is finished off with no shoes and a green feather in the hair, rather like an Indian. There are young men sporting suits and looked bedraggled as they slide out of the car, bottle in hand. They have to loiter outside because you can’t have alcohol to accompany your fries….It’s taken me an hour to get on line…. the phone company has decided to change it’s policy and I you have to sign on through your telephone…. wait for the phone to ring and give you a number….Gees….The life a a traveling Quilt Teacher.I gave a talk to the gals in Launceston last night. Visited relatives today and went to see the movie "Queen" As a staunch Royalist I really enjoyed the …

class completed

Classes are finished at the AQS Quilt show…I had 20 Ladies in class for two days in this class and they were super students….I’m thrilled with what they achieved. The entire event was extremely well run. Every one I’ve spoken to has enjoyed themselves.To spend four days amongst the best quilting can offer is a dream come true for many people. Thanks to Expertise Events for great organization.

Day 2 in Melbourne at the Quilt Festival

AQC Movie 6.    Just click on the URL I admit to being absolutely exhausted tonight. No socializing just work in my room and a chat with mysister. It’s been a great day, The crowds on the floor at lunch time were immense. I don’t think I can show you any one else’s quilts at the show.. so you get to see mine. (the calico or muslin images is the back of the quilt, and because I had to trapunto the faces, they have appliquéd band aids to heal the wounds). I would love to show you the other quilts, but I haven’t got their permission and I’m sure they will be published…..There certainly are some lovely quilts on display though. I had a one day class. I signed books most of lunch time and just before beginning work again, I realized that I didn’t have my paint brushes… so I ran back to the hotel (up the little hill) grabbed the brushes then on a whim I decided to buy my class Krispy Kremes, …


"It’s 11.00 O’clock" the lady tells me in my computer…..She’s so punctual. It’s rather interesting if I forget to turn her off before a lecture. her dulcet tones boom out…. quite often no one knows where it comes from and they look around for the culprit.I’m not owning up to anything. The title is "I’m pooped" well it’s been one of those days. But the DVD’s are all done now and ready to go in the bags for the students…..They’re not real professional, just me in the shed, demonstrating how to do the class project. saves on notes but I can’t help myself you still get a few pages. I have a week or so in Tassy after the show so I’m looking forward to catching up with the Tassy crowd. I even bumped into Angela from Smithton in Houston.!!!!

Medieval Applique, Letter A

An illumination is an EMBELLISHMENT, or additional decoration that enhances the pages of a written, or manuscript page. The term, Illumination comes from the term Illuminate, or to fill with light.  This effect is achieved with the application of gold leaf to the letters and images, which reflect light and appear to glow.Ha, but you can do it in fabric… This is not a fancy one because we have to complete it in class, however, you can do amazing things with gold fabric, silks and of course BLING.