Are you a member of a Quilt Guild.

At the risk of being controversial, I wonder how many of you are members of Guilds?
What  role does your guild play in education in Quilting?
Is your Guild aligned with a certain sewing machine company?

I’m fortunate to attend Guild meetings throughout the world. Often my hosts say "you don’t have to sit through the meeting" However, I find it really interesting to see how other Countries run their host organizations.
There are often some very innovative ideas.
I’ve been to a formal indoor picnic where there was a competition to design the best table. I think ours was the best, silver service and all.!!!

I think the idea of a quilting pal is great… I would like to see more mentoring in Guilds and I don’t just mean the general members, I think we Tutors should lead by example.
Many guilds split into small groups, however, a group project by the entire guild brings people together who possibly wouldn’t go out to a smaller group.
Education is the key. I have seen wonderful results from Guilds supporting school programs.

I wonder what you think?

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  1. Elizabeth Rodriguiz says:

    I belong to my local quilt guild, and I have treasured the many ways in which I’ve been mentored in it. I have been mentored not only in the quilting part, but also in organizational and people knowledge (I’m one of those inveterate volunteers who’s forever taking on new projects). The one problem I am having at the moment is that I am spending so much time doing volunteer work for the guild that my quilting is not getting done. hmmm

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