Illuminated letters

PThis is one of the Illuminated letters that will be used in my class in Melbourne.
Students will be given a detailed illustration, but it can be added to or simplified at any stage.

An illumination is an EMBELLISHMENT, or additional decoration that enhances the pages of a written, or manuscript page. The term, Illumination comes from the term Illuminate, or to fill with light.  This effect is achieved with the application of gold leaf to the letters and images, which reflect light and appear to glow.

However, we will do it with fabric. In this class, the more exotic the fabric, the better the result.
There will be  Drapplique and machine appliqué with this  beautiful gold thread.

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  1. Di says:

    That’s just gorgeous Pam! Can you do a “D” for me????? LOL

  2. Dianne Assheton says:

    Fantastic day in the shed
    Fantastic food
    Fantastic book
    You will have to do another D for me too???

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