Kits and Crazy

50 kits completed… (for two classes) now they are packed ready for class.

The temperature is in the 100’s outside,the water bomber is flying overhead to attend a fire somewhere. I haven’t got time to be curios, quilting comes first. !!!
It brings to mind the time  my friend Joan and I drove through a Tornado to  a lecture I was scheduled to give.
The rain sheeted down almost horizontal and it was difficult to see. Even at 4.00 in the afternoon it was dark and considering that the sun doesn’t go down until 10.00 pm in summer in Minnesota, it was a little spooky. The temperature rose to the 90’s and it was oppressive. I’ve never seen so much lightening… it kept the sky alight for the entire 40 minute trip and the clouds rolled like yeast laden dough.
When I think about it now we were crazy to attempt it, the hosts were surprised to see us turn up, but very grateful at the same time.

I mean these girls put on the best pot luck supper you have ever seen. They are certainly too good to be missed.

When we left to come home at 9.00 pm. the sun was shining, the air was clear and fresh.

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