Gathering in the ‘shed’

Today was a celebration of the release of my book, 1776, Heartache, Heritage and Happiness.
The temperature soared into the 100’s and the walk from the house to the ‘shed’ was baking.
Daughter Callie, prepared us a wonderful meal of home made Pizza’s, – well to be honest more like gourmet delicacies.
Prawn and feta with a tomato and basil base, mushroom and bacon, roast pumpkin….. and the list goes on.
It was a gathering of quilting friends who haven’t been together for some time.
They are the Retreating Angels who assisted me with projects for the book.
Two girls were unable to come and Dave and Ed….. my men quilt makers were not there either… simply because they live in the USA.
We’ve been a together as a group for 11 years.  As we get older our lives change, and we move in different directions so it’s naturally changed a little since our enthusiastic beginnings.  The Angels have supported me from the beginning with the book and I appreciate every single stitch.
It was exciting for the girls to see their work in print… and I enjoyed their reaction.
The family buzzed in and out and the conversation flowed in many directions.
However, it is a group of women bought together by quilting and we’ve shared some interesting moments.

Dsc02677_1Just a few more days home and then off to Melbourne and down to Tassy.


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  1. kathie says:

    Congradulations, I can’t wait to get my copy of the book…would love to see pictures of the quilts on the left hand side of this picture!
    What a great way to celebrate the release of the book with your friends…
    Kathie in USA

  2. Lisa says:

    Paaaam: Got my first 3 copies of the book on Monday – have read it cover to cover – cried, laughed, and remembered so many conversations and emails. It is wonderful ! Will be putting in my next order next week. Everyone here that I’ve shown it to is very impressed. Am giving Rita a copy as soon as I catch up with her.
    Luv Ya Gal!!! Congratulations!!!!! Lisa

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