My shoulders are telling me that I shouldn’t sit and quilt all day. However, the project is finished and now I just need to write a few more notes and pack.
I had a bit of a panic the other day.
I suddenly realized that I need mono filament thread for each of my students. Whoops. So I whip into town, but that’s useless. Nothing at the stores that sell fabric… I’ll not mention them by name, but they  sure need to lift their game I tell you.
So I ring Husband Keith to give me the phone no of my supplier…maybe I can get the goods sent to the hotel!!!!!
Keith can’t find the name of the supplier in his office, so he whips home and under my guidance he goes through the shed to the place where he will find their latest statement. He says he will place the order bless him.
Smoke, Keith, Smoke mono filament…… he couldn’t hear me and after repeating the word SMOKE about 10 times I noticed I was shouting in the department store and getting strange looks.
OK, he finally understood. Smoke mono  filament. I think they were about to call the fire brigade. Well it stopped everyone in their tracks for a while.

I tried to slink out of that department lifting my shoulders to my full height of 5.1"  with feigned dignity.
Off to the next department store…. and just as I got into the ladies… the phone rang…..
I new it would be my supplier…. Oh no, the order is urgent, I’ll have to answer in the loo. "Yes it is urgent" I said to her…. that must have sounded strange to the gal in the cubicle next to me…. Gees now I had to wait till I heard her door shut and the dryer finish… then I could leave to hide my embarrassment.
I really dislike people who chat in the loo don’t you?, it’s so uncouth…..common really.
Now my unsuspecting students have no idea to what lengths their tutor has gone to to prepare their kits… !!!!
I was so traumatized I had to have a Borders fix and sit with a coffee and read my latest history books. A new book on 1066, One on the Normans and another on British wars…. quite exciting really.

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