"It’s 11.00 O’clock" the lady tells me in my computer…..
She’s so punctual. It’s rather interesting if I forget to turn her off before a lecture. her dulcet tones boom out…. quite often no one knows where it comes from and they look around for the culprit.
I’m not owning up to anything.

The title is "I’m pooped" well it’s been one of those days. But the DVD’s are all done now and ready to go in the bags for the students…..
They’re not real professional, just me in the shed, demonstrating how to do the class project. saves on notes but I can’t help myself you still get a few pages.

I have a week or so in Tassy after the show so I’m looking forward to catching up with the Tassy crowd.

I even bumped into Angela from Smithton in Houston.!!!!

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