Day 2 in Melbourne at the Quilt Festival

AQC Movie 6.    Just click on the URL

I admit to being absolutely exhausted tonight. No socializing just work in my room and a chat with my
sister. It’s been a great day, The crowds on the floor at lunch time were immense.

I don’t think I can show you any one else’s quilts at the show.. so you get to see mine. (the calico or muslin images is the back of the quilt, and because I had to trapunto the faces, they have appliquéd band aids to heal the wounds). I would love to show you the other quilts, but I haven’t got their permission and I’m sure they will be published…..There certainly are some lovely quilts on display though.

I had a one day class. I signed books most of lunch time and just before beginning work again, I realized that I didn’t have my paint brushes… so I ran back to the hotel (up the little hill) grabbed the brushes then on a whim I decided to buy my class Krispy Kremes, we had napkins, a balloon and a hat to boot.

So in the video tonight. We have Austin Powers visit the show, Pat,Terry and Sue dancing….more vision of the tent makers and  apologies for not having the artists name, I will make a point of getting that for you tomorrow.

Jenny Bowker organized the event and it’s just wonderful. I do hope the artists have  enjoyed having their talents recognized. Thanks Jenny.

There are scenes of Melbourne, the show and the fun things that go on….. Just click on the URL below to see the Movie….also I appreciate your comments from around the world. Thanks a million….


AQC Movie 6.

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  1. Janice says:

    Thanks for the show videos Pam. I found them through Helen’s blog. Aren’t those tent maker’s quilts fabulous? and he appliqued a tiny dot just like that! Its wonderful what centuries of tradition and years of practise can produce. I heard comment recently that many of the young crafters today are trying to re-invent the wheel, they don’t want to make ‘their grannie’s quilt’. And fair enough, innovation is great. But I do think all those accumulated years of wisdom that went into grannie’s quilt should be learnt first! And if the tentmakers hadn’t learnt their forebears skills and taught them in turn to their children they wouldn’t be producing such fabulous quilts now. Its a good argument for keeping up the traditional quilting side of our craft.

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