Ahhh the difficulty.

Sitting in Mc Donalds at 6.00 pm in the evening.
There is a gaggle of girls walking passed me in the most amazing outfits…. it was the Launceston cup today….(a local horse race) and it seems the young people have got into the spirit. There’s the little green number, figure hugging and minuscule which is finished off with no shoes and a green feather in the hair, rather like an Indian. There are young men sporting suits and looked bedraggled as they slide out of the car, bottle in hand. They have to loiter outside because you can’t have alcohol to accompany your fries….
It’s taken me an hour to get on line…. the phone company has decided to change it’s policy and I you have to sign on through your telephone…. wait for the phone to ring and give you a number….
The life a a traveling Quilt Teacher.
I gave a talk to the gals in Launceston last night. Visited relatives today and went to see the movie "Queen" As a staunch Royalist I really enjoyed the movie. I sure felt an empathy for her…. she was made to appear a little stern, Charles looked like he had a facial impediment, Tony Blair looked like a Cheshire cat, but the accent and inflection was super….The portrayal of the Duke was annoying and as for the Queen Mother!!!!…. they missed the point completely… but I still enjoyed Helen Mirrin and the overall movie.
Off to meet the gals in Smithton tomorrow, and then back up to Launceston Friday.
Hobart and back on Saturday for a talk and then down to Lilydale on Sunday afternoon….
No rest but how enjoyable….
I arrived with $180 excess baggage… I sure wasn’t a happy camper. As a Gold flyer with Qantas, I get extra allowance….. I coundn’t connect with the one quantas flight to Launceston… Jetstar only….
$186 dollars madam….. Hmmm, I nearly said a few rude words….
So the bag will be posted home for $40……

Photos below are images of Melbourne. Reflection at the Art Gallery and Window in the Botanic Garden


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