Month: March 2007

Alice Springs

It’s been a super day, it’s 9.00 and I’ve just returned from dinner so not much time to write. I’ve got a bit of homework to do, but I think that will have to wait till morning. The projects done by the gals are super and I hope to share some with you tomorrow. but now, sheer exhuastion and bed sure looks good.

The Alice

It was a chilly, early, start this morning. Not quite dawn and rather Grey. My dog Ralf looks at the cases with disdain. He walks around them and then retires to the settee in resignation rather than follow me around, as is the norm. More than once I have left him in the shed by mistake because of his sulking on the settee.As I write I’m in the air winging my way to Alice Springs. It’s difficult to explain just how sensational the scenery below me is. Red, black and cream swirls across the landscape that blend subtly into a bright blue sky. I can’t pick an horizon, as the land blends into the blue with sheer mist. I only filmed a little but I intend to take my still camera on the flight home.I landed in Alice Springs and was really surprised at just how green the fields either side of the airstrip were. I offered to take photos for a couple as they got off the plane, then ended up being official photographer …

Off again.

Off to Alice Springs this weekend.Everything is packed and ready for an early start in the morning.I hope to take some interesting vision, however, I may have to wait until I get home to share it.So for my friends overseas. I have included a map to show just where Alice Springs is.I’m really looking forward to the experience.

As I mentioned last night I would explain how I created the layered miniature portrait. First I changed my photo into a "layered’ photo on the computer and traced the first layer onto acetate. This is the second layer. The next lightest color.

Busy Day

  Just got home from taking teenage Grandchildren and their friends out to dinner. It’s rather a nice experience. Finished this little quilt today.I call these layer portraits because I choose how many layers of shading I wish to put into the portrait.This is a miniature so I only chose four layers. I decided to quilt the background quite heavily and then write small sayings in the border… but I didn’t want them to be too noticeable so I chose a fine thread and color that blended quite well with the fabric. What is Layering? I change the photo to black and white first. By manipulating the photo in a computer program I divide it into layers, from 2 to 8 layers and make my pattern from there. I will add a description tomorrow when I have more time

Not much to say.

I’m trying to work out a way to add a few more hours into the day…. spent the day finishing contracts for 2008/9I’ve been working on new notes for all my classes.Gees, they have ended up as small books. However, I know they are appreciated.I’m about to put up a barrier at the door so I can get some work done…!!! does anyone know where you buy that yellow police tape?I could do with an apartment by the beach to sit and write. No interruptions. "Mum can you babysit today", "Mum can you take up these pants" "Mum come to town with me" "Mum can you scan these for my assignment" In the meantime, I need to check out the camera angles of shots taken by son Jamie at the swimming championships in Melbourne. (He did the underwater ones with the divers) I don’t know what he’s doing this week.I should finish the quilting the miniature portrait this week…. and then I’m off to Alice Springs.Life’s sure interesting…