A little Bach for breakfast.

It’s early morning. I’m sitting on the balcony of our apartment in Smithton Tasmania, overlooking the lake listening to a little of “Bach for Breakfast”
The light is mellow with the promise of a beautiful sunrise.
The plovers stand in line in their formal suits awaiting the sun to officially rise.
A flock of ducks just landed on the lake sliding to a splashing halt as they hit the water. It can’t get much better than this.
This is the diary of my year, I share it with you, because words and pictures are always part of my daily regime.
The day yesterday began with office work which always continues on the road.
Contracts to formalize, each day I talk with people all over the world. For instance, I need to send more information to Canada. And information to several areas in the outback of Australia…..
I have to organize a magazine interview by phone for the USA. Fares need to be completed, paid and dates double checked for the USA…. A photo for a magazine cover….My diary is my controller of the day, week, month year.
The internet is my lifeline for all these tasks and as I’m staying with friends in Launceston I don’t have access to wi-fi or broadband so it means a trip to McDonalds and I sit there with coffee in hand and complete the tasks.
(They have good latte’s)

Yesterday we drove the 250 kms from Launceston through the most beautiful country side. The road dipped from patchwork fields, rich, brown and green to crystal ocean.
Smithton is a small country town…. Nestled on the far east coast of Tasmania. I taught here some 4 years ago and then shared the experience again a year later with my friends who accompanied me on the trip.
I was pleased the group asked me to pay a visit.
This visit to Tasmania is actually a holiday for me, not a formal teaching visit… somehow it’s turned out to be a s hectic as  usual, but it’s really wonderful to meet quilting friends.

They were kind enough to bring their finished projects…..

On our way home this morning I stopped to take photos and video which I hope to put up tomorrow. As I walked along the beach I met an interesting couple who were very interested in my cameras. The told me the huge wharf I was viewing carried iron ore from Savage River some 80 kms from the ocean. It came in as slurry and then went out to the ship as Iron pellets…Their house was perched right over the ocean, Bass Straight, and we were invited in for a cuppa and further chats about the area…. however time was limited and we had to push on. You see traveling and Teaching leads you into all sorts of situations !!!!!

You can’t image how funny it is sitting here working in Mc Donalds.
The music is loud and in front of me is a screen with the latest in hip hop music. Now we add grandparents in formal attire with their 3 year old grandson. Grandma goes to purchase the goodies leaving grandpa with junior who needs to go to the rest room. Grandpa asks him to wait and the child goes into a frenzy throwing himself on the floor. Grandpa walks off with his wife’s handbag dangling from his hand, he looks very uncomfortable…Grandma arrives back and subdues the child and they settle down to watch him eat…. rest room stop forgotten.

Next to me are 3 Chinese students who said grace for at least 10 minutes…I know they are thankful for Macca’s but God would be pleased with the result.

A group of tweenies are given a treat, I can’t believe they make so much noise.
In the mean time, I’m catching up on the news of the world, drawing on maps and enjoying the spectacle.

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  1. Di says:

    Somehow I think you would be the one getting all the looks Pammy. I’m trying to imagine you with you laptop, earphones etc. sitting in amongst the kids at McDondalds! Have fun!

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