Ducks and Drakes.

The following movie was shot a few days ago and I wasn’t going to put it in, but I think it’s funny that I’m sharing it with the ducks.
OK, so I’ve been corrected… Smithon is on the WEST coast!!!!! Well, I was looking at the map upside down…. Sorry to the Smithton Girls.!!!!

Tassy video 1

We traveled home Friday and although it took us quite a few hours, we still didn’t run out of things to say.
Called into a wonderful Antique shop and I was able to purchase some vintage children’s books that I’ve been looking for for many years……
Yesterday was an early start. Breakfast at Macca’s to get the email and then off to Hobart.
He scenery was spectacular and the trip down a great experience.
The Quilted Crow hosted a wonderful afternoon tea and some 60 ladies came to visit…. We had so many that I had to run my presentation twice.
We viewed a presentation on the magnificent quilts in Houston….. It was super. I got the opportunity to visit with people I met several years ago and a lot of new quilters interested in what is new in the world of quilting.

A visit with an old friend outside of quilting at a local coffee shop and we headed home. I had to stop often to film the sunset. The light was beautiful.
Arrived home 12 hours after we left just in time to catch up on the news back home in Adelaide with the Holland clan.
Another visit today at Lilydale so we’ll chat over a cuppa once again and then a day to explore and visit tomorrow before returning home


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