Port Augusta and back

I was a little incorrect the other day when I said that Port Augusta was about 250 kms away.  It’s actually  320  each way. I left home on Friday and  my trusty quilting car has GPS installed. I just pop in the address and the dulcet voice of the American guy in the computer guides me to where I have to go. I stopped about 3/4 of the way up at the small town of Port Germain. There is a quaint shop there that sells vintage linen and even a few antique quilts. Sadly it was closed. However, the main reason I stopped was to walk on the jetty.
It’s the longest jetty in the Southern Hemisphere, almost a mile long. Severe storms have reduced the length over the years, but never the less, it’s a great experience to walk that far out into the ocean. I just love the space and the colors. The sky was a clear blue and the water reflected its radiance. It’s a magical place.
On to Port Augusta and I arrived in time to give a presentation. We had a wonderful pot luck tea and a cuppa and then I must admit I retired a little earlier than usual.
I have TV installed on my computer… digital TV. (The wonders of the electronic age) but it’s nice to watch the news or a short show before sleep.
My hosts Sharon and Trevor live just a few metres from the ocean, it’s a beautiful spot, breathtaking in the sunset.

The women in the Guild have the use of a great building. Not many groups have their own rooms. !!! let alone an entire complex. Surrounded by gum trees, the temperature rose to the 40’s, however, the air conditioning kept us unaware of the suns power until it was time to leave.

The class was Puzzle Panic Poppies…. an interesting class for those who like to use their own hand dyed fabric. However, i encourage them to add some fabric with "texture" to add interest. Every quilt looks different and once the appliqué is adhered, it’s quilted down with a scribble stitch rather than appliquéing first and then quilting. Most of the students managed to quilt a reasonable amount of their quilt, the smaller ones were completed.

When I travel by car I often  feel like I’m participating in a documentary. The scenery on the way to Port Augusta is stark and spectacular, the best of both worlds where the ocean meets the outback.

I was thrilled that the projects of last year were out on display for me to see. Everyone worked hard to complete them. It’s a joy for a Tutor to see the finished results of a class. I left Port Augusta at about 5.15 lat night and listened to the antics of the "Should have been Champions" on the ABC all the way home. I have a couple of days home for preparation of the next class and a magazine project, then I’m off again. It’s an interesting life……


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