(Sigh) computers.

It was a super day today, weather wise.
It was a good day, work wise.
It was a frustrating day, computer wise.
Just how wise am I? I could be sitting on the settee watching a movie. Dsc02147_2

I have a friend called Flo, she’s a gem. Flo No-Bull is her full name and she visited today and we shot some movie.
I will paint you a word picture.

Flo wears the most interesting clothes. A red knit dress of indescribable composition. Over that she usually wears her cardigan that she knitted in the 60’s. I can’t tell if she made it form fitting originally, or whether it has shrunk over the years….Grey and blue stripe 8 ply I think, and the elbows have been neatly darned in Navy wool.
Now to keep her clothes clean and neat she wears a full pinny. She tells me it belonged to her Old Fella’s Mum who wore it when she did the housework. The bias binding around the edge has seen better days, but the fabric is of pink, orange and purple splodges and is holding up quite well under the circumstances.
Flo’s almost back in fashion with her square toed heeled hunks of leather which she wears with cream mid calf socks…. the cream actually goes well with the petticoat that hangs below her red clinging dress.
Now this is all topped off with a delicate purple scarf around her head to keep out the dust from her carefully coiffed hair. Flo is interested in quilting. and will feature on my videos on some occasions…. I think I should actually get you all to meet her for a short time tomorrow….I’ll also introduce you to the most wonderful Quilt shop located in the Riverland of South Australia

In the mean time…..Bless you Flo.

So We’ve finished filming, and I’m going to sit on the settee under a quilt and watch a movie.

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