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Oh, it’s a bit of fun, this is just a short excerpt of a video about "Just what is quilting"… Flo popped in for a cup of sugar and we had a cuppa and a chat.

By the way, check out the size of the cup she arrived with.

Now I mentioned yesterday that I was up at Loxton over the weekend at Almond Grove crafts. Tricia has a wonderful shop…. the ladies in the Riverland are really lucky to have such a facility close by. It is warm and welcoming just a wonderful place to browse…..

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  1. Helen says:

    Thanks Pam, that was good fun to watch. I’m glad Flo didn’t fall as she slid down the gravel!! There might have been blood! Wouldn’t that have ruined her lovely outfit!?

  2. Di says:

    Great to see Flo again. I remember when I first met her in Toowoomba…it was when we crowned you “Princess” (do I regret that now….you were not supposed to take it so seriously Pammy!!!) LOL.
    Say hi to Flo from me. Hope she gets her balance back under control!!

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