Quilt Show and diaries

We had rain last night, now I have the heater on !!! Was it only a few days ago I was complaining  about bush fires and heat.
How many of you write a diary?  I guess if you’ve read my blogs you will realize that I am a great advocate of journaling.
I’ve done it for years.
At the end of each year I put the entire journal into book form. One for my Mum, one for posterity to be shared with the family and one for Joan who lives in the USA.
Last year it ran to 300 pages.
This year my color laser printer had a hiccup and the color was not a good as it should be, so I deferred printing the book.
I visited my Mother during the week, she questioned me about the next book….. and then she tells me  she shares it with her friends. "and they have been asking where the 2006 version is" she stated a little indignantly.
Now I have a Mac I can compose the book and have it printed by Imac so I began to collate the book this week.
I’ve just got to early march and already I’ve hit the 100 page mark.
For goodness sake !!!! I think I’ve overdone it. I must admit, there are a lot of photos in it and I find it hard which ones I like best.

Quilt show.

I was working on a quilt this afternoon and I suddenly remembered that the little group that Cynthia and I started some 9 years ago was having their first quilt show.
On with the lippy and off I went… (it was only the end of the street really so I should have walked)
I was impressed. For 8 ladies they did a wonderful job. They have some beautiful quilts on display and I for one really enjoyed seeing just how far they have progressed. They have a strong friendship base and encourage each other to make quilts "just a little out of the box"
I filmed a little, but lost the sound so I hope to go back tomorrow to get Maxine to explain her wonderful quilt and the ladies to share their experiences…
So for those of you who live in Adelaide, pay them a visit tomorrow… you will be pleased you did. I applaud their efforts. Hopefully tomorrow I will have some vision for you.

Aldgate Church of Christ Hall – just follow the freeway up the hill and get off in Stirling and drive the 1 km through to Aldgate….

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