The Alice

It was a chilly, early, start this morning. Not quite dawn and rather Grey. My dog Ralf looks at the cases with disdain. He walks around them and then retires to the settee in resignation rather than follow me around, as is the norm. More than once I have left him in the shed by mistake because of his sulking on the settee.
As I write I’m in the air winging my way to Alice Springs. It’s difficult to explain just how sensational the scenery below me is. Red, black and cream swirls across the landscape that blend subtly into a bright blue sky. I can’t pick an horizon, as the land blends into the blue with sheer mist. I only filmed a little but I intend to take my still camera on the flight home.
I landed in Alice Springs and was really surprised at just how green the fields either side of the airstrip were. I offered to take photos for a couple as they got off the plane, then ended up being official photographer for numerous other couples.
I was met at the airport and delivered to my hotel right in the center of town.
How lucky…. It wasn’t long before I was off on foot falcon to take in the scenery. The main street with its open cafes and tourist shop is a lure for almost everyone. The local aboriginal community, workers on their lunch break and of course the tourists. Dressed in tourist outback garb, they are easily distinguishable. I can pick an American from a German from and Englishman etc. Just how functional is all that garb. Khaki shorts with big pockets, sleeveless vests to match with even more pockets… I’ve never seen them bulging yet.! Of course there is the camera bag, the scarf around the neck and very expensive boots that are the opposing accompaniment to the new leather or rabbit fur hat. Not too often do you see the genuine akubra
The aboriginal women and children seemed to spend considerable time in the mall as many of them were still there some hours later when I went back with the cine camera.
The aboriginal situation is sad and visually confrontational. Two of our sons are aboriginal. We had a great deal to do with the community in Adelaide and the situation here is different.
I love to people watch so I sat and had a coffee in one of the café’s and took in the ambianceDsc03140
Tomorrow will be a busy day. 20 students all doing something different, I sure need my skates on… but I enjoy it immensely.
Tonight is revision of class, run through everything and then maybe a movie….

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