Month: April 2007

This is gross

Well back home after a weekend away. I’m about to put up some vision, but I can’t find the right music… so tomorrow…OK, I have something to share with you. It’s a sad tale and a warning to all pet owners and was sent to me by friend Andrew a vet in Whyalla and Roxby Downs.We have a lethal weapon in our studios…… Monofilament thread. Read on if you dare……!!!!

It’s been ages

It’s been ages since I sat at the computer and designed.Last night and in the wee hours of this morning I finished a new quilt design. I use EQ5, I haven’t purchased EQ6 yet although I do have the updated fabrics. I have to use it on my PC not the apple and I sort of have to make a special effort to go back to the PC….The quilt is based on an appliqué pattern of a poppy circa 1935 that was published in a USA newspaper. Many newspapers published 1 pattern a week for 10 years. Wouldn’t it be interesting if ours did? I figure if they can do it in the 20’s and 30’s we could do it now!!!!10 years of patterns equates to about 520 different quilt patterns. These illustrations almost invariably showed four to nine blocks set together edge to edge, without other blocks of plain fabric or setting strips. There was always a suggestion of fabric to be used.After 10 years, the newspapers had exhausted everyone’s patterns and started publishing …


Just over a year ago I was anxiously waiting to hear of the birth of little Tilly.She should have been born before I left for the USA, but you can’t plan these things. Today she came to assist me in the "Shed" dressed in the little rose sweater I purchased just minutes after I heard of her delivery.Friend Di and I were driving out to my US home which is 180 miles from Minneapolis.Daughter Rachael had been in labor for a long time and then ended up having a C section….We just happened to be driving past my favorite outlet mall, the phone Rang."Matilda Rose has arrived" and a photo came through on the phone.We did a left hand turn and there we were right by the Mall … funny that….. so of course I had to buy a rose sweater…. There are so many wonderful things about being on the road.I love meeting new people.I am privileged to share my knowledge of quilting and the world with others.Fortunately I love plane travel, I traveled  …


I’ve actually added my first podcast into the web page. (Well, I actually did it a few months ago, but I’ve only just got it up and going). So rather than put it into the blog, it will be on the blog page of the web site. It runs for 4 minutes, so let it buffer for a short time and then it will run through.

Portrait Class

It’s been a busy few days. The students in my class were enthusiastic and adventurous and I appreciated how hard they worked. This is Jill’s Project. It’s wonderful, but to see the rest  visit the web page

Shoes on the move

I’ve finished the top of the boots quilt, in fact I put a border on it. Now I don’t like it so off it comes.I  used a mock suede fabric that I purchased in the USA. The  photo below shows the fabric to be rather mottled, in fact it isn’t really, the flash just picked up on the movement of the fabric grain.I first cut out all the boots and just laid them on the pattern.I used one piece of fabric for the background. It was fabric I purchased in Michaels in St cloud and I’ve used it in many of my quilts.I placed that piece of fabric on the light box with the pattern underneath and with a propelling pencil I marked the edge of the wall, where the wall meets the bricks.I used a spray bottle of water and thoroughly dampened the area that I wanted to enhance. With a sand Tsukineko ink and a flat brush I painted the background and then hung it out to dry. If you iron it, it …

1930’s butterfly.

Times were tough in the 1930’s in the USA. The great depression affected everyone. Quilting had a small revival and feedsacks were  usually the fabric of choice for the home maker. Newspapers and womens magazines printed patterns for women to use. I’ve been doing a little research, looking for a particular pattern  and as i was going through my books I came across, this one, so I decided to make up a block just to see what it looked like. The original block had bias binding on the top of the top wings and on the bottom of the second set of wings. I chose to use fabric. The block was originally feather stitched on to the quilt, but I decided to appliqué it by machine (of course). I satin stitched the block in thread that matched the fabric exactly. I had some 1930’s rick rack in my collection I decided to put it to use. It was that perfect ‘rose’ red colour that was particularly popular in the 30’s and of course has been reproduced …