There’s water in the Todd

Well I ended up quilting a lot on this small quilt, but I think it adds interest.
The photo of the tree was taken just outside the venue I taught at last week.Dsc03142

To be honest the dot fabric is South African, but I love it and decided it added a lot to the quilt. The method for making the quilt is the same as the quilt I showed you yesterday. However for this one, I used the blue fabric for the entire background. The red earth fabric was just placed over it and the tree is fragmented because I only took a portion of it, so I added the interest of the South African fabric to break the image. It also gives extra perspective to the picture. The blue fabric at the bottom then became the water in the Todd, although in reality it is actually brown. !!!
The gum tree is a cream fabric, illustrated with three colours of 50 weight  cotton thread. I spent ages quilting the leaves on the tree, first in dark green then with a light grey green thread.


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  1. Helen says:

    Wow, Pam, thanks for the close up photos of the quilting. I have just finished quilting a piece and I stitched what are meant to be some little bushes/grasses, a bit like yours. I can see I have a lot of practice to do to get my quilting as good as yours. Mine look pathetic in comparison. The sculptural quilting on the tree trunk is amazing.

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