Don’t you love it?

I opened the email this morning , and there it was… an exciting invitation.

This humble person has had three such invitations in just under a week. Can’t say what they are just yet, but it’ sure got my heart racing a little faster.!!

It’s been one of those days special today, warm, balmy, lots of conversation with friends and just a little work.
Regular quilt group the S&B girls met in the shed, I think this is our 14th year together, a lot of water has flown under the bridge since we were fledgling quilters.

I filmed most of the day yesterday. I was up into the wee hours editing and then lost the lot just as I was about to shut down.

Movie and video is a tricky thing. I just sigh and shut the lid of the computer, then get up at five and start all over again.
I’ll finish it tomorrow, then a magazine project to get out and class preparation. 

Talking to my family in Minnesota, they tell me It’s snowing in Long Prairie.

One more project is that I plan to put "skype" on my computer so I can ring home through the computer, has anyone else used it.? A few of my Tutor buddies use it and love it. You just don’t want to be camera shy. Guess you could put on the lippy just before you ring…..!!!!

The photo of the rose was taken early this morning…. I just love the light on the tip of the petals.


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