We’re lucky in this country. At times we think we are hard done by, but in the scheme of things we have a pretty safe, secure existence.
now where is all this leading?
When I visited South Africa, I was taken to meet Dr Ina Le Roux who has begun the Tambani project to help the women from the Venda tribe to become self sufficient.

I urge you to go to the web site and view the wonderful embroideries the women do. They illustrate the stories that have been handed down from one matriarch to another over the years.

I have given a number of lectures on the subject and many of the groups have asked what they can do to help the women. Maybe it is just purchasing some of the embroideries to put into a quilt as I have done. Maybe it is providing threads or even magnified glasses.

I usually put the groups in touch with Ina and they go from there.

I love the designs and hope to make more quilts using the panels, I think you will agree they are  unique.

The story below is one that Ina has translated for us all to enjoy and the monkey panel is just a small part of the story.



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