Quilt Journal No 5

With just a couple of weeks left before I travel, I think I should begin this months quilt journal. The next ones will Dsc03325have to be done on the road. I think I will use this photo. I guess it doesn’t really represent Autumn, but it is a symbol of Australia. The Blunstone or RM Williams boots at the back door reminds me of when all of our children were home and we constantly had lines of boots at the back door and under the heater in Winter.

It is also representative of the country, these boots are found from the city to the outback, my daughters even wore them as a fashion item in the 80’s. It also reminds me of my trip to the Cedars where I took the photograph.
Three good reasons to use the photo.
On the other hand I could use the photo  of an autumn leaf.

However, I find that the picture of the boots appeals to my sense of humor more.

Hmmn now I have this idea buzzing around my head to put each boot in a different colour, or maybe even floral fabric, sitting on a bright batik background. What about boots (brown boots) with flowers in them?

I guess I will have to play tomorrow.

I bought this book in Houston and it hasn’t made the shelves of the library yet. I look at it every day. The introduction states "Journal quilts are quilts that tell stories and quilts that break boundaries." They are small elegant windows into their makers hearts and lives. At the same time, they are exciting doors flung open wide to a world of growth and experimentation. They personify the quilt artists search for creativity
and self-ex

The difficulty I have with creating my Journal Quilts is that I tend to put too much detail into them. For instance, the quilt I completed, "Water in the Todd" has sat on my desk for the past week. I felt it wasn’t finished and finally today I decided to sit that quilt on a background quilt and add some other texture… It made the quilt larger, and sort of out of the realms of a Journal Quilt and more like an artistic quilt.
Lets see if I can let go and minimize the boots. I ‘m challenging myself and it’s rather enjoyable.!!!

I wonder if any of you have participated in making Journal Quilts?

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  1. leanneshouse says:

    Pam, I will have to have a look for this book – how facinating. I have been playing around for months with journal quilts and started the 365 Challenge (1 year on a quilt)just a few days ago. The response has been wonderful. I’m trying to keep it simple so it’s achievable!

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