1930’s butterfly.

Times were tough in the 1930’s in the USA. The great depression affected everyone. Quilting had a small revival and feedsacks were  usually the fabric of choice for the home maker.

Newspapers and womens magazines printed patterns for women to use.

I’ve been doing a little research, looking for a particular pattern  and as i was going through my books I came across, this one, so I decided to make up a block just to see what it looked like.

The original block had bias binding on the top of the top wings and on the bottom of the second set of wings. I chose to use fabric. The block was originally feather stitched on to the quilt, but I decided to appliqué it by machine (of course). I satin stitched the block in thread that matched the fabric exactly. I had some 1930’s rick rack in my collection I decided to put it to use. It was that perfect ‘rose’ red colour that was particularly popular in the 30’s and of course has been reproduced today.

I  made the backing an inch  larger and bought it over to the front for the binding.   I ironed a 1/2 inch seam and then just turned it to the front and stitched it on by machine… it’s OK, but not as neat or as flat as a separate binding…. Gees this was a breakfast project, I didn’t have much time, I was playing….but it’s rather cute I think. It would look really neat in a quilt.

The Lady Faye rick rack is real tiny and finished off the border beautifully. I found the ‘accufeed’ on the Janome worked really well going through all the layers, you can see it’s quite wide and open toed and acts as a walking foot feeding all the layers through at one time.


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