Shoes on the move

I’ve finished the top of the boots quilt, in fact I put a border on it. Now I don’t like it so off it comes.
I  used a mock suede fabric that I purchased in the USA. The  photo below shows the fabric to be rather mottled, in fact it isn’t really, the flash just picked up on the movement of the fabric grain.
I first cut out all the boots and just laid them on the pattern.
I used one piece of fabric for the background. It was fabric I purchased in Michaels in St cloud and I’ve used it in many of my quilts.
I placed that piece of fabric on the light box with the pattern underneath and with a propelling pencil I marked the edge of the wall, where the wall meets the bricks.
I used a spray bottle of water and thoroughly dampened the area that I wanted to enhance. With a sand Tsukineko ink and a flat brush I painted the background and then hung it out to dry. If you iron it, it gives you a different texture…..
I assembled each boot individually by placing my paper pattern under an appliqué mat and then assembling the boot on that. Once completed you can pick it up and put it onto the background of the quilt.
I used a darker piece of fabric for the bricks and that was set on the background with Vliesofix.
I was having difficulty getting texture on the wall fabric, so I took it out onto the cement path and gently used the brush on the fabric, the rough surface of the cement enhance the texture on my quilt!!!!
Most of the other detail will be done with the quilting……but I’m happy.




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  1. sion says:

    love it. There’s something terribly evocative about workboots outside the door, real bluecollar/bushie vibe. My dad’s always worn Blundies and usually has a few pairs going at once (garden – work – new), and I used to live in the laceup version, so they’ve popped up in quite a few drawings etc over the years. Ours are usually more of a pile than a lineup tho G

  2. Helen says:

    Pam, this is really great. I love the way you have done the bricks the boots are sitting on. I guess this is painted as well? The wall and bricks are all one piece of fabric?

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