Dsc03552Just over a year ago I was anxiously waiting to hear of the birth of little Tilly.
She should have been born before I left for the USA, but you can’t plan these things.
Today she came to assist me in the "Shed" dressed in the little rose sweater I purchased just minutes after I heard of her delivery.
Friend Di and I were driving out to my US home which is 180 miles from Minneapolis.
Daughter Rachael had been in labor for a long time and then ended up having a C section….
We just happened to be driving past my favorite outlet mall, the phone Rang.
"Matilda Rose has arrived" and a photo came through on the phone.
We did a left hand turn and there we were right by the Mall … funny that….. so of course I had to buy a rose sweater….

There are so many wonderful things about being on the road.
I love meeting new people.
I am privileged to share my knowledge of quilting and the world with others.
Fortunately I love plane travel, I traveled  round the world 5 times last year and 98 flights kept me in the air a lot.
BUT… I do miss the family, the grandchildren especially, specially no being here for births and birthdays… but contracts are made 3 years out…we’re up to 2010 now!!!!

I miss the visits with my girls, Benny’s daily visits and  just home things, like Vegemite on toast and
working in the studios… and of course  my special projects.

BUT…. then again, I think this is what I was meant to do. I think this is the real me. I’ve done the washing, ironing, cooking and cleaning on a mamouth scale for most of my married life (well the past 30
anyway)  I don’t mind giving that up – it’s rather  a joy really…..

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