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just pop into the local Ben Franklin store and the gal has quilts to show you.!!! she tells me she made this quilt in three days.It’s little visits with people like this that I enjoy so much.This quilt is also an example of regionalism.  We would never see fabric like this in Australia, it’s pure…

Special things

These are photos of images I viewed when we went to dinner last night. We ate in a resort overlooking a tributary  that divides the USA and Canada

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Free Fabric

The weather was simply marvelous, a little cloudy, sometimes misty rain and then at other times bright sunshine enfolded by clouds of grey…. you know what I mean when the sun peeps through storm clouds!!!The greens become even more iridescent. We drove most of the day in this environment stopping only for lunch and a…

Memorial day USA I’ve created a photo journal of Memorial Day 28th May 2007 (As I see it.)

The Amish

There are a number of Amish families living in this area. Each summer several of the women (and occasionally the young girls) bring two buggies down to the main road, string a line between the buggies and display their quilts.They are made from bright polyester fabric however, I have seen some made from cotton.The men…