Have you ever had one of those days.

Sometimes, you just have to laugh.
It began Sunday evening when I fell asleep on the settee after a weekend away and a reasonably long drive home.
I’m short, but the settee is shorter and my legs were caught at an unusual angle for the entire night,I don’t think my legs were meant to bend that way and now I’m limping around like an old lady due to a painful hip.
Yesterday  at 7.00 am I realized that I had left my Jackets in the Motel wardrobe. Numerous phone calls later I had the problem sorted. But I felt such a dill.
Then my beloved mac was making a strange noise. ZZZZZZZZZZ  – 5 phone calls and two interesting ones to two Indian Gentlemen who didn’t speak very good English and I established that the problem needed urgent attention before I leave. (besides the warranty runs out in 13 days)
Down the hill I went, paid out $150 for urgent service even though it is still in warranty!!!!
I felt like my arm was cut off with my computer gone. sigh.
This morning, I decided to come out to the shed early to mend the jeans and laundry basket left by son Jinda. "Take your time Mum, but I need them Wednesday" !!!!
I drew out some patterns I needed to finish and went to print them XXXXX the printer didn’t work.
I looked at my watch, 7.50 am and I had 10 minutes to get to the beauty parlor (high maintenance folks)
I raced into Stirling, hair dripping and looking a mess, only to find out that my appointment isn’t till Thursday.
So I’ve been pottering today, nothing went to plan, but I can report, the computer is back and the printer working…..!!! and you just have to laugh.

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