Plane flight

24 hours, that’s all it takes to get from one side of the world to the other.
As I write, I am in Arcata California. Known for it’s redwood forests that reach to the sea. It’s 7.30 pm and bright sunshine outside although the atmosphere has the feel of snow off
the mountains.
The perfume is heady as you walk out of the airport. So unlike  home, it’s pine and a sweetness that I can’t define. There’s no lack of water here with green fields as far as the eye can see fringed with tall forests that reach to a sparkling sea.
I arrived here at 3.30 this afternoon and decided to go for a walk to the beach which looks to be a mile or so away. However, I got lured into the huge feather bed and for the first

time in my hotel experience the pillows are labeled ‘firm’ ‘soft… I have eight to choose from.

The trip was an enforced rest although I have been suffering from a re-curring ear ache and I was rather concerned when I experienced severe pain on the trip from Adelaide to Sydney. Fortunately I think the anti-biotics have kicked in and taken hold.

I listened to several episodes of Alex Anderson’s wonderful discussions on my ipod and worked on a new presentation on the computer…. 3 movies and a sleep filled the time till I arrived in San Francisco.

I love airports. I love to people watch and I had ample opportunity before boarding the small plane to Acarta.Dsc00008

The props whirred and we took off. I was given a wonderful view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the prison island of  Alcatraz.

I leave here at 10.30 in the morning, but I hope to get up early and walk to the ocean for a photo op. In the meantime I hope to get some sleep.

8 feather pillows. Heaven




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