Redwood forest.

Mosaic8797338I was woken this morning by a low rolling rumbling and the room undulating. A 5.4 Earthquake  hit this area  around 12.45 am. In a sleep stupor I wasn’t sure if I was imagining things, but others were talking about it in class so I realized that I had indeed been through another earthquake.!!

Class was great once again and this is the third day of the landscape extravaganza and as usual I’m in awe of what the students achieve.

Laura, Annette and I took off after class. The day had been cool and overcast all day but as we drove towards the Avenues of the Giants, the sun suddenly
burst from the clouds.
I was thrilled that I was going to be able to see the trees in such  beautiful light.

Annette stopped the car not far into the forest. It’s just breathtaking, the sunlight,   filtered softly through the trees  and the fallen leaves were compressed into a carpet of brown sculptured with bushes of  3 leaf clover in bloom.  One can’t help thinking that this beautifully landscaped environment couldn’t possibly be natural. Surely a landscape gardener had come in during the evening and placed those bushes in just the right place. I was laden with camera’s and so excited that I didn’t know which one to use first. You can stand under the trees and look up to a dizzying height, it’s almost impossible to see the tops of the trees. Some of the 2000 year old trees are over 300 ft high and just huge across the base. The scent of pine and moisture permeated the air and I thank give thanks once again for my fortune.

As we began our journey back to Fortuna I said, I think a fitting end to this wonderful day would be an American Hamburger. "I’ve got that all planned" said Annette. Debs All American Hamburger joint set in the forest surrounded by the trunks of giants.

The restaurant was the traditional 50’s decor with black and white floor tiles,  red and white interior surrounded by a display of fancy beers and Betty Boop memorabilia  And I don’t think a hamburger ever tasted so good.

Now I need to finish my homework and bed.  Laura and Annette Mosaic7463398


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