A review.

Oh my goodness, This is new for me…….one of the students today bought me a review of my book in the magazine Quilters Home, by Editor Mark Lipinski.0507home_02 

It’s interesting and quite favorable. I decided to write some of it out to share with you.

These are some of the things he had to say.

The Author : In addition to being the Mother of 15 adopted biological children, Australian Pam Holland has found the time not only to make the quilt – it won Best in Show  in four major U.S. quilt shows – but also to write this book. I’m telling you, when you see the depth of the book and what if offers, you’ll agree it’s quite an accomplishment for a first timer.

What I love: this is a top quality publication, not some hot-off the presses technique book. The paper is heavy, the photography is wonderful. Like "Dear Jane" there is a sort of Diary section but unlike "Jane this book is plump with clear patterning, templates and block/quilt instructions. This quilt is sure to be another quilting cult hit with Yahoo groups and quilters wearing "1776" buttons to the quilt shows, I want to be one of then!

Hey Thanks Mark !!!!!!!

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