Teaching by remote control

I have just completed my first long distance lecture. A group wanted me to come and give a lecture to their guild here in Chicago. I was unavailable so I made a DVD specially for them and it aired at their Guild last week. It seems it was rather a hit so I think it opens up new avenues for DVD production.!!!


I also purchased a new camera a Sony T50. My little red Sony disappeared and I needed a small pocket camera for extreme macro.
This is the latest Sony and is amazing, 3" viewing screen, steady shot and 7.2 mega pixels… you know the ad on TV that shows a man cut in half…. well this is the camera you do it with…. not sure what I will do with that feature, but most of the close shots I have taken in the past few days are with this camera.
It will be great for class and for extreme close ups…. It is also touch screen so its really simple to manipulate.


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