The time that I spend on the road affords me the time to spend studying or become immersed in my own private world and of course that includes the creative aura of quilting.
I put aside the norm, – going to the supermarket, doing the family washing and domestic duties. It’s a far cry from washing cooking and ironing for the troops. Do you know how much bread and milk 15 people use in a week?
Can you imagine, just how much washing I had in a week. On the road, it’s just ME.
The photos I added to the photo album "Chicago" is very much part of creating. I’m taking beautiful photos to possibly use in a quilt, a book, or even a lecture. In fact many of those photos will be in my lecture tonight in Brainard Minnesota. The presentation is called "Inspiration"
What gives us inspiration. We all know that beauty in our surroundings gives us inspiration. Music inspires me  and I always have it on when I’m working. The colors in the photos I’ve shown you. Take the photo "art Gallery conversations"  in my photo album "Chicago" The people are talking, snapped casually, the colors they are wearing and the light, tied together by the big red square on the wall….. just one of those moments that present itself.  The three thumbnails of paintings I’ve added to this blog are all the same color scheme.

The top picture is quite severe, made even more so by the exaggerated and flamboyancy of the  black lines, the portrait below is studious, soft and pensive and  I think she has lost her long time friend. However, the building in the same colors is even softer than the other two pictures which is interesting because of the composition.

However, the color pallet is ‘warm’ and comforting and remains so even though the three pictures are different genres. I’m going to visit Cherry wood fabric company tomorrow. These are Cherry wood colors and I have admired therm for many years.

Wednesday will be a quilting extravaganza with Thimble berries….!!! stay tuned.



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