On the road in Minnesota Yah!

Yesterday I finished the day giving a presentation on "Inspiration" to the quilt group in Brainerd Minnesota
I think I went a little over time.!!!!
I’m always interested in regional groups. there is a vitality that keeps us Tutors on our toes.
Quilts are being made for so many wonderful projects and every time I visit another group I get the sense that it is a little like a silent healing. Quilts for returned soldiers who are injured, quilts for babies that are stillborn, quilts for people in disaster areas or single mums… it goes on and on, it’s just a heart warming feeling to be part of.

The temperature here is 85/90, the plum trees are in bloom, hedges of purple lilac bushes  frame quaint wooden houses and the grass is green, green, green.

I’ve been given a great privilege today, can’t say too much about it but it’s pretty darn exciting. I don’t know if I’m allowed to talk about it, specially to the world!!! but maybe I can get permission….

Tomorrow is off to a town called Perham for another quilting extravaganza and I hope to review the magazine "Quilters Home" for you. It’s an interesting magazine.

The picture below was taken when I was  flying in to the city of MinneapolisDsc00489


Dsc00497I don’t eat pie, but this sure looks delicious.. Everything here is so big!! big pie, big serves.
Well, I lie, I have had a slice of lemon pie a couple of times at our local diner.
It’s an annual event!!!
One slice of pie a year.

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