Review of the Quilters Home Magazine

I’ve been out of internet reach for a few days because we only have dial up here, and I had to send for a new modem from apple…. so now we’re back on.
I’m going to review a few books in the next few days and talk with you about fabric and pattern designers.

Do you read your magazines from cover to cover?
I admit I don’t any more. But there was a time when I did.
I was a beginning quilter, I devoured every bit of information and I was in awe of those who designed quilts and wrote so knowledgeably.
I never imagined I would become a contributor.
I’ve never thrown out one of my precious founts of knowledge; they are stored in order in my studio, probably never to be read again, but they are treasures, part of my past.
Over the years, magazines have changed from being instructional to inspirational. Interest stories and more reflective editorials added a little more depth to our knowledge of the art of quilting.
Quilting has changed dramatically over the past few years and now we possibly have a magazine that is keeping in line with that change.
A few months ago I heard comments on the Quilting Grapevine about, Mark Lipinski… what was that comment, “he’s opinionated” “he’s
trying to be an sensationalist”!   Now just who is this guy?

I arrived in the US a week ago and during a visit to Borders I found a magazine that might just satisfy my curiosity. There was the man himself Mark Lipinski reclining on a pretty ordinary quilt with his pug by his side and beaming out at the world under the title of ‘Quilters Home’
The titles read a little like a People magazine, ‘Is he cheating while you’re quilting?  Crop Circle Quiltspiration, and 23 resolutions that are easy to keep.’
I mean how could you leave that on the shelf?
One of my students said that my book received a review in his magazine. Of course I needed to check out this guy for myself and see what he said about my book.
I decided to save the magazine as an antidote to plane boredom. You know that time before and after take off when you can’t use your computer or ipod or chat on the phone.!
When I got back to my room that evening, I just decided to thumb through the magazine. There was my friend Kaye England and of course I had to read all the ‘gos’ on her. She was a professional dog handler and a drag race driver in a previous life, truly! and as I read on I had to look at all the bios of the other quilters featured.
We love it don’t we.
With exposure like this I’m beginning to wonder when there will be quilting paparazzi. Do we Tutors have to take lessons in posing on the red carpet at the entrance to our next gig?
OK, so I read the magazine from cover to cover, and then read it again on the plane.
I laughed, I nodded in agreement at some of the statements made and raised my eyebrows at others. Oh, and his review of my book wasn’t too bad either.
I’m going to make the turkey salad from the recipe section and Pavlova is an Australian institution so he gets points for sharing the recipe to the masses.
I got all the questions correct in the ‘What’s in a name Quiz’ and of course I liked the BliDsc00476ng article.
I didn’t think too much of the quilts featured, but I guess that’s personal and I will be looking forward to the next issue of Quilters Home with bells on.!!!!

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  1. Melissa Kelly says:

    Hi, I’ve been trying to locate this mag in Australia – Did you get it here (Aus) or overseas?
    Many thanks,

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