Tuesday’s Tale

A morning of inspiration, privilege and mutual admiration on a grand scale. That’s about all I’m allowed to say. !!!

However, I can tell you about the afternoon.
Last year Joan and I visited the small town of Crosby. For some reason there are some 6-8 antique shops there. I think five of them were open. It’s a little hard for us to get our heads around the fact that some shops are only open for the summer. Most of the buildings used as antique shops are huge by our vendor standards and of course they are very difficult to heat, especially when the temperature drops to below zero.
One shop proudly displayed that they were open all year. It had 3 floors of antiques and vintage goods, a little bit like a treasure trove.
Vintage linen, sporting goods, buttons, lace and kitchen wear.
My purchased treasures were an embroidered supper cloth and a bag of 1½” half square triangles that had been patiently hand sewn by hand. Each triangle had been cut with scissors and then sewn together; there must be hundreds in the bag I purchased for $7. ( just counted them out 1500 +)
Last night I decided to press them, but that’s not as easy as it sounds, it took ages to do just 10 and try to trim them back to 1¼” square. I guess I could leave them crooked and make my own Gees Bend style quilt, but the fussy part of the brain won’t allow me to do that.
I tried making 1¼” square template out of templastic, but due to the small size, I think it’s difficult to see under my fingers when trimming. So today I will purchase a 2” square ruler and try again.


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  1. Amanda Colwell says:

    Hi Pam, I think these peices were waiting just for you – please keep us up-to-date with whatever happens to them.
    Amanda near Come-by-Chance

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