We’re off to Canada

Business in the morning and a lunchtime lecture almost filled the day but I had an opportunity to visit the woods around the house and I found the most beautiful flora to photograph some of it is up on the slide show.
We’re preparing for a trip to Kenora in Canada and by driving we get to visit a number of quilt shops and interesting places (which I hope to give you a review on)
Have a look at this map, for us Aussies its would be heaven to have so many shops, for the fabric reps – icing on the cake – for non quilting spouses – they would learn new quilt shop avoidance techniques.
I loved this map with all the shops listed in such a comical way.
I was up till the wee hours preparing a new presentation. Big fat June bugs bombarded the gazebo windows sounding like pebbles being thrown and a light dusting of rain visited us.
I’m always looking for something different so I’ve called this presentation “Who on earth is Pam Holland?’
It takes the viewer on a journey of discovery with beautiful photography, accompanied by fitting music, humor and dialog.
Like this blog, it will share the things I see and do with the viewer in rather a different way.
I’ve added video, cartoons, sketches and photos taken as recently as today!!! That way it’s certainly up to date.
It’s all thanks to Mr .Mac. for superior programs to make it easy to do.
Another luncheon today and then off to the cities of Minneapolis St Paul for a little business, presentation and retail therapy.
In August- September, son Jamie will meet me here in the USA and we will travel to Britain and France to film a documentary.
The spare time I have here is used in preparation for that trip…. Permission to film, the logistics etc.
Jamie has a production company, is a cinematographer and films documentaries and live film for a living so it’s going to be an exciting venture. We will film everything associated with the Bayeux Tapestry and follow in the steps of King Harold and William the Conqueror.


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  1. Dale Anne says:

    Are you coming thru Saskatchewan on the Trans Canada?
    I live on the Trans in a little town of Morse – between Swift Current and Moose Jaw.
    STOP for tea or Coffee or an overnite bed (free).

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