Excuse the photo overload… I just haven’t been able to send much in the past few days….!
So life on the road is interesting.
We arrived in Minneapolis this afternoon and I had a quick visit to the Mall of America.
I was in a shop with a garment in my hand at 5.15 and I received a phone call…. "can you talk right now" It was the producer of a program I’m doing and she was ringing from New York I think.
Thinking I could sit for a while and chat, I found the settee in the shop and settled in….. 20 minutes later I remembered I had an appointment at 6.00 pm at the other end of the Mall. I purchased the garment without even taking the phone from my ear…… I hate people who do that!!!!!
Still conducting the interview I walked the hallowed halls of the Mall desperately trying to find the appointed meeting spot. I’m sure I didn’t make sense for some of the interview…. eek at times I was running up the stairs only to find myself on the wrong floor, so down I went again… talking on that darn phone all the time…
10 minutes late for my appointment and absolutely exhausted I finished the call and met my friend.
Now to finish the presentation for tomorrow.
I got up at 5.00 to complete it this morning, and somehow wiped it all, so now I have to do it over….!!! gees louise.

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