Moda Fabrics

These photos are of the Moda series I purchased for granddaughter Tilly. I love the way the colors blend, as I mentioned in a previous post they are the colors my parents painted their cupboard doors…. each one a different color. I can only describe  the colors as ‘Vintage Hue’ We associate colors with feelings.
Our kitchen was alway comfy and warm.Dsc00594_2  I think they called them "Harlequin" in those days. Think about the way colors make you feel. Happy, sad, reflective, warm or cold. I guess it’s similar to fragrances.
Similarly that’s why we choose colors for quilts. Because they make us feel comfortable.
I have a friend who is renown for yellows another who always chooses cool blues and greys.

These colors are pure colors with black in them to give them this hue.

Have you ever played with a color wheel? there is more to it than just complimentary colors,

I have a wonderful site I use kuler give it a go and create your own color scheme.


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