13 years ago my friend Joan introduced me to the art of collecting Kimono.
The word kimono simply means things to wear and is pronounced kee-mo-no. The plural of kimono is simply kimono.

I also collected a number when I was in Japan, but here in the USA you can purchase them for an average price of about $10 each.
The kimono are used ones, (many are antique) Joan now has over 300 and she patiently unpicks the hand sewing and washes the fabric which is 15" wide X 12 yards… pretty good value for $10. Many of them are lined, some in silk, others in cotton and rayon… and of course that adds to the fabric amount. I’ve made two quilts from Kimono and used the Obi (8ft X 20"  belt) for the borders.
Yesterday we went on a Kimono hunt… and there were literally hundreds to choose from. They are bought in by
the bundle and sold to second hand shops and that’s where we buy them….

This is Joan with her bags of Kimono. She’s having show and tell outside the shop.


This shows the silk lining of one of the Kimono.Dsc00705

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  1. Helen says:

    That is really beautiful kimono fabric in the first picture. $10 sounds very cheap.

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