What a day !!!!

We visited two quilt shops that I will review in the next couple of days….
Glad Creations.
Blue Bamboo

I purchased wonderful fabric for some new projects, to be honest I haven’t seen much of this in Oz…. I am back in Long Prairie after 3 days in the cities so now I’m back to dial up….but with a new phone, I’m going to attempt wireless through the phone…!!

Just as we arrived at Blue Bamboo…. the skies darkened to almost black, yet it was in the middle of the afternoon. Crash, the hail hit the roof, 1" hail, we couldn’t get out of the car, we just sat away from the windows and watched in awe. It was rather scary with that hail hitting the windows and pounding on the roof. We sat there for 10 minutes until it abated and then dashed into the shop. Sirens were sounding a tornado warning and everyone was advised to go to the lowest and safest part of the house. (I was safe surrounded by all that fabric) We stood and watched this huge storm pass overhead as the TV reports kept us aware of the latest information.

2 earthquakes and a tornado, what next… and all in 2 weeks!!!!

Bought a new quilters home so I’m anxious to read it.!!!!

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